Zappo's Teal Organization Experiment

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I've been waiting for this article to come out for a few weeks about Zappos. Some of you may be familiar that about 6 months ago Zappos embark on the concept to re-organize is a fairly radical way. I personally am a bit skeptical that this could work at a large scale in its current form. But I'm really fasinated by the concept:

First, Let

What do folks think?


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    There was s good "insider" perspective article on this exact topic about a month ago on Linkedin...that I am now unable to find. It was a Q&A with a brand manager that had been with Zappos for 8 years in several positions. It felt like he was on the fence about its effectiveness, but did say he saw no ill effects from it either. Maybe too soon to tell.

    I barely know enough about organizational psychology/structure to make an educated judgement on this issue, lets just say I am looking forward to the next 5 years to see how this plays out.

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