Cyber Security or Computer Forensics.

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So this question probably comes across a lot, but I'm in need of some input. I'm fresh out of the military and am now getting some education with the intent to re-up in the Army's new Cyber Command. I have chosen a school that offered both a Cyber Security degree and a Computer Forensics degree (both B.S.). The army won't care which one, I personally like the Cyber Security program, but would Computer Forensics classes be more respected? Is the Cyber Security degree just a hyped up program? I don't care too much for the "law" aspect and want a more technical focus. In a standalone (no certs) which would fair better Cyber Security or Comp Forensics in the eye of an employer?

Any input is appreciated.

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As requested:
http://www.champlain.edu/cyber-security/online-computer-forensics-digital-investigation-programs -- Comp. Forensics

http://www.champlain.edu/cyber-security/online-cyber-security-programs -- Cyber Security
I guess I should mention I'm currently in the Cyber Security program, which allows me to get a Programming Undergraduate Certificate. This was a big draw initially for me, but the Comp. Forensics program is older and more established. I have recently heard some negative things about Cyber Security degree, so I wanted to ask some people who actually know things. Thanks for all the input so far, its very much appreciated.


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    Links to each please to help (at least me) compare & contrast?

    Off the top of my head, I'd say the cyber security would be more general in focus and lead you down various roads to help you decide a focus in the future. Forensics would be more focused out of the gate. In my region either would land you a job relatively quick. There's no way to avoid the "law" aspect - even if you're getting into forensics then you'll need to make sure you do stuff in a legally-sound manner including chain-of-custody, etc.
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    Every schools program is going to be a bit different. I personally went with a Cyber Security degree program over forensics because I didn't want to spend the majority of my time on one topic. Depending on the program you could get a wide range of technical topics with the Cyber Security, or you could get a wide range of general ideas/methodologies/etc. Look at the course listings for both programs and go from there. If you see a bunch of classes on the Cyber Security that aren't on the forensics side that you want to take, go with that. If nothing interests you on it then go with forensics.
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    Agree with the other posters, also, consider what you'd actually like to do. I'm almost done a forensics course and while I really love most areas in security, I haven't been very interested in the course I'm taking, just isn't grabbing me in the same way. While it "sounds cool" you're going to want to be VERY into it to dedicate an entire BS to one specialty.
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    You have to do what interests you, I am a cyber security/digital forensics major. Meaning that it is geared towards digital forensics. I can't say that it interests me more than wireless/network security though, it is not too interesting to me, however I haven't had the chance to apply it real world situations yet. With that being said, you should take a variety of cyber security classes because there are many different avenues you can go down. It is best to learn a little bit of everything so that you are well rounded.
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