vCloud Director: deploying it at home?

DeathmageDeathmage Posts: 2,496Banned
Hey guys,

So I'm curious could I deploy vCloud Director at home and use it correctly?

Take a look at the purpose-built networking fabric, as many know my home-lab is inter twinned into other certifications, just how I roll. I like build upon each of them, it's like a portfolio of my learning sort of speak.

My thinking is this, if I deploy vCloud Director to the VMware cluster on Area 1 could I in theory setup my MSP based 'windows domains' to go over the FR 'cloud' to area 3 and 4 and not incur licensing issues? - to me the networking side of things I know it will work. The FR switch basically acts as my WAN ISP.

I got a 2 Raspberry PI's laying around that have Ubuntu 14.04 Server on them that I'll use for local DC's and IaaS connectivity but in theory could I also pull this off in the home-lab?
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