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So I feel devistated with no direction in IT. I want a degree, but don't know where. I was about 80 hrs into a Finance degree from Ole Miss in 2005 when I left college with a GPA of 1.5 so that prohibits me from attending lots of well known online schools. Seems like my only options are AMU, Liberty, Thomas Edison State college and so forth. I currently work in aircraft maintenance but despise it. I'm in the Guard and am actively trying to get into Client Systems which is basically desktop support from what I have heard.

Now, since I have no certifications and can't go the IT route with WGU, would the IT Managament plan be worth doing? I already have a lot of business background, but since this is a business degree is it even worth it? Or would I be better off at Thomas Edison state with a BSBA in CIS which at least gets you 18 hours with courses required in programming and data structures I believe. Or would attending the dreaded for profit of AMU and going IT Management be better than WGU since it makes you take more computer classes. I hate to ramble guys, but I just hate maintenance and feel IT is where I should be and need somewhere to vent even if I have posted pretty much these same questions before.


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    Have you tried a reverse transfer to a 2-year community college? All your credits at Ole Miss probably amount to an AA/AS degree - then you can just work your path from there. Good luck!
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    I have not thought of that. I know some community colleges do online as that's what I would have to do, but is an AA in CIS any good since it's a more business related degree it seems? Thanks for your input by the way.
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    I am in the AF Reserve as a Client Systems Technician. Yes, it is definitely desktop support with plenty of Active Directory account provisioning, as well. If you can, I suggest you go the Cyber Transport route (3D1X2) as you get can also get Security+ as well as a Top Secret clearance. Trust me, not having a TS is really going to hold you back if you are looking to get into the DoD market.

    So, because of your GPA, you cannot go to any other schools? What stops you from going to WGU? Having no certs? If so, that is easily remediated by simply acquiring A+ or Security+ (which is beneficial if you decide to cross train). Also, how well did you do on the ASVAB as I believe you need a decent score if you are going the 3D route (correct me if I am wrong).
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