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Mr.NetworkMr.Network Posts: 117Member
I set up a access server for my lab, i got three routers, three 3 switches and one access switch (2509)

I can connect to all devices through the access server using the hostname, but I notice that it will pickup a random line in between 1 - 8 instead of e.g. R3 is always line 3. So when I have six active connection and i would like to rejoin a session it would be nice to just enter e.g. 3 because i know that is the third line.
Is this possible? :)

or do i always have to go to "show sessions" to view the line number ?

line con 0
transport input all
line 1 8

(Host name list)
ip host R1 2001
ip host R2 2002
ip host R3 2003
ip host SW1 2004
ip host SW2 2005
ip host SW3 2006


  • TechGuru80TechGuru80 Posts: 1,539Member ■■■■■□□□□□
    Mine assigns the lines in order of connecting. Can't say I ever really looked into it and I just connect in order every time and am done with it.
  • james43026james43026 Posts: 303Member
    You are confusing sessions with lines. Your ip host statements are statically defining the physical lines being used, 2001, 2002 ETC. The show sessions command shows what the logical session number is, these sessions numbers are first come first serve. Remember that you are using reverse telnet on your access server, so each session is actually a telnet session that you are forming from your access server, right back to your access server at in your case, with each session connecting to a different physical async line based on which hostname you type in, R1, R2 ETC.

    Hope this helps.
  • Mr.NetworkMr.Network Posts: 117Member
    "the session numbers first come first serve"
    I'm quite sure I got a random session number(I'm 90% sure:) The lab is at work so I will double check it tomorrow.

    I'm just wondering if its different between IOS versions?
    the access server is running on 11.2, thats pretty old, right?
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