F5 - BigIP - LTM...Where to start?

Hello everyone.

So, I am starting my studies for the F5 certifications (LTM Specialist, to be more specific) and I would like to know where to start.

I already have my BigIP LTM VE up and running (and licensed, as well) but I wasn't able to find any courses/books/cert guides so far.

Do you guys know where I can find resources to begin with my studies?

Any help would be appreciated!


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    the first two certs you can get the info if you google veritable networks.

    good luck
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    you can find an LTM course on CBT Nuggets.
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    This one too. Trying to learn about it as well but I will most likely go to training to get the books. I doubt that I'll get certified. Just need to learn enough to do the job.
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    Yeah I have completed the course by Keith Barker, it's 1st class IMO.
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    Does anyone have any insight as to how difficult the 201 exam is? Like in comparison to a Cisco CCNA or CCNP exam?
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    The 201 was about as hard as the CCNA exam for me. You absolutely must have hands-on with an F5 and know how it works.
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    university.f5.com which redirects to f5.learn.com.

    Requires a free account. Excellent LTM Fundamentals course.
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