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This Saturday I'm taking my first online Microsoft exam through Pearson Vue. I bought a webcam for it, but when I do their text to make sure that everything is good to go, I can't get picture where I can say that my ID is clear and easy to read. I can get a clear picture through my webcam software. Maybe it just doesn't look clear because they show you such a tiny image, but does anyone have any experience with what to expect for these online exams in regards to the picture of your ID?


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    I haven't taken any online exams as of yet but hope too very soon. you could talk or chat with pearson view tech support about it. Hope that helps!
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    I've taken three MS exams through the online proctoring. You have to get it to take a clear picture in their software or they wont allow it. What kind of webcam do you have? I noticed with mine, I have the Microsoft LifeCam, it can take a bit for it to come in to focus so just be sure you're trying to move it in and out some to try and get it focused in.

    They look at it once they call you to complete the check in so if they cant read it, the wont let you take it.
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    Support just kept on repeating the same thing "if you picture is accepted in the System 1 and 2 [the precheck tests, where you personally accept or deny the picture] then it will be accept in your online exam as well."

    I just bought a Logitech c270 for this (I had tried the precheck testing with a random nameless webcam I had around and saw it was blurry) and I figured it would be good enough since it meets the requirements.

    So, if they can't read it, do you have the option to try to take the picture again?
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    I've rescheduled my exam and now I've ordered of Logitech C920, so I think that should do the trick.
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    The C920 is great, the ID is crystal clear. For anyone looking to purchase a webcam to do online proctored exams, make sure you get something with auto focus.
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    How did you get on with the online proctored MS experience? I don't know anyone that has done it yet so interested as there's a couple of MS exams I want to take and considering giving it a go
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    Took the exam today and passed. It went pretty good, trying to pull out my back pants pockets to show there was nothing in there was kind of challenging. They didn't like that I put my ID in a drawer after I took the picture (he specifically asked me where I put it) and had me put it on a shelf away from my desk. Apparently there were no issues during the exam because I didn't hear from them after the initial call.
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