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Hey guys,

I am stuck between choosing one or the other, currently I am working in an ISP that uses juniper security appliances. I have no idea which cert path to choose from between the two.

Also I am hearing that Juniper certs last 3 years now.


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    It depends on which devices your employer uses. JNCIS-FWV focuses on older firewalls that run the ScreenOS, and is the only cert in that track. It has no prerequisites, so it stands alone. JNCIS-SEC uses the SRX platform, which runs standard JunOS. The SEC track also includes certs at the JNCIP and JNCIE level, but requires the JNCIA-Junos cert as a prerequisite.

    SEC is probably better if you're looking at the future or interested in earning higher level certs. Honestly, I think FWV is really only valuable if you're still using Netscreen firewalls.
  • FadakartelFadakartel Member Posts: 144
    Thanks for the info
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