Should I renew my CCNA?

So with all these BS re-certification timelines it’s made me put focus on what certs I really want to keep and I’m trying to find a good reason to keep re-certifying on my CCNA. I’ve had it since 2009 and have barely used it.

In my current position I’m the primary VMWare guy and I also work with SAN and DR, which is exactly where I want to be. I’ve been putting my focus on working on my RHCSA since we are a RedHat shop and working with systems makes sense to me. Prior to that all my work was with Windows (I’m, MCSE2003/MCITP200icon_cool.gif. We have a few ASA’s and Nexus switches, which I’ve never touched because network guys never seem to be very willing to let new people touch their equipment, even though that’s EXACTLY the reason I did the CCNA in the first place… Not that I’m upset, I would have liked to work on that stuff, but I understand the basics and Virtualization is where I wanted to be.

We are moving our datacenter to the “cloud” where they use even less Cisco in favor of Vyatta. And since we have been bought, I work at IBM, there is whole network team that is even less ok with non-network new guys touching the switches.

So, my VCP expires 11/2016. I’d like to focus on my RHCSA as opposed to renewing the CCNA. I mean I work at a huge company, but if I ever want to leave IBM and apply at a smaller company, you know most of the job postings want CCNA. I only have a slight interest in doing more work with switching, but routing and pretty much all of Cisco’s line doesn’t interest me much, so I’d only be doing this to keep it on the resume. I have no shame in putting it on my resume as expired.



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    iBrokeITiBrokeIT Member Posts: 1,318 ■■■■■■■■■□
    Have considered the CCNA-DC as a good compliment to your skills which would renew the reset of your Cisco certs?
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    danny069danny069 Member Posts: 1,025 ■■■■□□□□□□
    I think you should renew it but taking another exam such as CCNP, etc.
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    pwjohnstonpwjohnston Member Posts: 441
    iBrokeIT wrote: »
    Have considered the CCNA-DC as a good compliment to your skills which would renew the reset of your Cisco certs?

    Either this or the CCNA-Cloud is what I was thinking I would do.
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    Mike-MikeMike-Mike Member Posts: 1,860
    I'm in a similar boat. My CCNA was life changing more or less. Just about every job I have had since then was very interested in the fact that I have it. However, now I'm in a security role, and I don't deal with much networking and even that is not with Cisco.

    I dont have time to study and prepare for a CCNP level exam. I thought about retaking the CCNA Security, or just trying for the CCNA Wireless, but there are other things I'd rather devote my time (and money) to
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    Nightflier101BLNightflier101BL Member Posts: 134 ■■■□□□□□□□
    If it were me, I would. If you ever think that there's a chance you would need it in the future, I would do a higher level Cisco exam to renew it. The exams never get any easier as time goes on and I wouldn't want to have to take it again. Look into doing one of the DC track exams.

    The CCNA R&S is one of those base certs that compliment a rounded skill set and can be applied in many areas. I know how hard I worked on mine and I wouldn't want to lose it.
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