LDP Session Protection Vs Targeted LDP

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Just wondering why "Session Protection" command was introduced. I can achieve the same thing with a simple targeted ldp session. It lets me specify a range of peers via an ACL, and by default it will timeout after 24hrs, or can be configured with infinite duration which would make it the same as targeted session. Is that it? or am i missing something here?
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  • fredrikjjfredrikjj Senior Member Member Posts: 879
    Targeted sessions must be explicitly configured for every peer with mpls ldp neighbor x.x.x.x targeted*. That seems like a pretty big disadvantage. My guess is that people realized how annoying that was and invented the session protection feature to do that automatically for all directly connected mpls neighbors. If you use autoconfig and session protection you can get your ldp config down to just a few lines.

    *unless you use the mpls ldp discovery targeted-hello accept on one side, but you still need to configure it on the other side.
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