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Scored a 534 on my first time taking a practice ICND1 exam from boson. Been studying hardcore for 2 and a half months. Is the actual exam going to be this difficult?

here was the breakdown according to boson:
Operation of IP data networks: 50%
Lan switching tech: 60%
ip addressing: 67%
ip routing tech: 36%
ip services: 50%
network device security: 62%
troubleshooting: 80%


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    It's a difficult exam. Since you've already studied a lot, I'd recommend taking all of the Boson practice exams immediately in study mode. As you go through them, use your books to look up things you don't understand. Once you've done that, put the exams aside and study for another month while not looking at the exams again during that time. After a month passes, most of the exam questions should seem fresh again, so take all of the exams again in test mode and see how you do.
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    Sounds like a good plan. Thanks.
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    The Boson ICND1 practice exams give you a good feel for what the actual exams are. I recommend going through Study mode and seeing exactly what questions you are struggling with and revisit those topics. Without knowing your background, I can't make specific recommendations but I can say ICND1 can be tough for someone who doesn't come from a networking background because of the amount of material covered.
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    It seems very tough for me. I don't have any networking background and I have an interview for my first IT tech support position on Friday.
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    In my opinion, Boson was much harder than the actual CCENT exam. When I used Boson, I got to the point where I would start memorizing the test when I used the practice mode. I had to stop using it for a while.

    Don't worry about the networking background, we all had to start from nothing.
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    Thanks, I'll keep that in mind
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    Don't feel bad. I didn't do so well on the Boson test either. I'm gonna go back and really go over the areas I had the most trouble with and try again really soon.

    Edit: I think the main reason I didn't do as well as I thought was because I wasn't used to doing one of these tests before. It was my first time and I went through the questions again and did better, but it really seems like IP related topics seem to be my weakness and some of the labs, so I'm look at those more thoroughly and brush up on my commands and do the other exams from Boson.

    I just finished reading Exam Cram and doing the questions out of there except for the practice exam ones. I thought it was a pretty good read and it also helped me figure out what I need to work on before taking the real exam. I really don't think it's because I don't know the material, I just need to get used to how these questions are asked and read much more carefully.
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