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Just a little introduction. I am currently a RN looking for a career move. I have a Bachelor's in Nursing and also Information and Communication Technology but my previous certifications have yet to net me a comparably paying job. For the job listings I have seen CCNA might be the way to go. Had taken the Cisco Networking Academy program courses in school but never tried to test, was not part of my career goal at the time. Been trying to study the old books I had and found this forum. Hoping to learn from everyone here. Also looking into getting a home lab setup, never got much hands on mostly simulators.


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    I hope your transition into the IT world goes well. First I would recommend that you ditch your old books. And obtain new ones that are relevant to the current exams, you may also find that resources like CBT nuggets and INE produce incredible videos that will greatly assist in learning the networking/Cisco world. Obviously alot of things depend on your current knowledge, and how much you remember from your past certs, the Net+ that you have will serve you well in preparing for the CCNA, as it covers many networking basics. Honestly, Packet Tracer and GNS3 will carry you through the CCNA R&S with no problem, you can probably find ways to obtain Packet Tracer for free on the internet. I say this because, a home lab can run anywhere from $100-$300 depending on how lucky you are with getting good deals / hookups, this is on the low end. On the high end of labs, you could end up spending closer to $1000, which is close to what I dropped, but a lab of this caliber will carry you through the CCNP, and will need some upgrades depending on where you go from there in your studies. For a CCNA home lab, you need at least two routers and two layer 2 switches, and another cheap router to act as a frame-relay switch at bare minimum if you want to skip any simulators or emulators. All devices need to be running at least Cisco IOS version 12.4.
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    Packet Tracer and GNS3 is all you need to pass. On the CCENT/CCNA exams, you won't have access to live equipment.

    If you already know how to subnet from your Network+, then the CCNA track will be a lot easier.

    I would get newer books, if your college books aren't current. CBT Nuggets is also extremely helpful for breaking down topics you don't understand.
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    Thanks for the responses. Been searching ebay for 1721 or 1760 routers and 2950 switches. Thinking the wic-1dsu-t1-v2 modules might be the way to go just because the crossover Ethernet cable are so cheap/easy to make. Saw a post about CCNA in 60 days but it seems to be just a study guide would still need some updated books.
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    So getting more serious. I have the Todd Lammle CCNA Study Guide on its way but still working though my old books just to stay motivated. I also got the first few parts of my home lab on the way, 1760 router and a 2950 switch (WSC295024). Only problem I can see is it is not the 32F model but read it can still have the memory upgraded to run 12.4T IP/ADSL Plus (c1700-sy7-mz.124-15.T14.bin), if I can get a hold of it. Do not work in IT but have tried to contact my company's department to see if I could get it though them. Still wanting 2 more 1760s and 2950s and serial modules.
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    I'm a big fan of constructing cables too. Get a wire mapper and construct some straight through and crossovers..
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    Yea. I need to get a crimper and some ends. I have an old handout in color with pairs and pin outs for straight, cross-over, and roll-over. Been debating the wic-1dsu-t1-v2 vs wic-1t vs wic-2t. Had read that having 4 routers and 1 of which needs 4 serial interfaces was good for frame relay but you can get the idea with 3 routers and 1 of which needs 2 serial interfaces. Cross-Over Cat5e cables would be cheaper to make/get but I could not do the 4 router setup with the wic-1dsu-t1-v2 modules, not enough WIC slots. Will probably stick with them though.
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    mikeybinec wrote: »
    I'm a big fan of constructing cables too. Get a wire mapper and construct some straight through and crossovers..

    I concur, i do all my own wiring and patch work. plus you know that the wires don't have crosstalk or EMI in the rafters.
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    I've ordered serial cables that were defective, so being able to make one's own for t1 crossover is handy.

    I have one I need to return now even, an HD60 to smart serial where DTR won't come up on the DCE-HD60-end. Will have to see how that works through Amazon.
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    Been making progress though the Tom Lammle book, just finished chapter 5. Excited about chapter 6 with some actual hands on labs. I got my 1760 router and my 2950 switch to play with and a BIG THANKS to clarson for helping my out with getting it up and running and for the newer equipment. Cannot wait for it to get here. I got hyperterminal and a tftp server up and running. Backed up the old and updated the 2950 IOS. Now I need to figure out a mounting solution.
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    I am currently a RN looking for a career move. I have a Bachelor's in Nursing and also Information and Communication Technology but my previous certifications have yet to net me a comparably paying job.

    Just being Nosey:

    in which state do you reside?
    How much are you making as a RN that you find it unsatisfactory?
    What $$$ amount (in the job listings) did you see that indicated the shift to CCNA?
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    I live in New Mexico. Without getting in to differentials for shifts and whatnot, I make a base of around $33/hr. The 2 jobs I saw posted around the time I decided to try this again, if I remember right, where from $28-$42 better than the desktop support $15-$18 I had looked into previously. I am sure experience makes a big difference and I am willing to take a small cut in pay to move to a field that might provide the ability to move up. I have been a Staff nurse for 13 years and in my current unit for almost 10 years. In that time there has been 1 opening for a permanent charge position. So even though I am a seasoned nurse and a resource for everyone on my unit, there really has not been many opportunities for me to advance. I have tried to make a move to Nursing Informatics but the couple of times I was offered a job it was a $10 cut in pay or when I inquired about what my actual duties would be I was told "We will figure out what you are good at and that is what you will do." Did not make me feel very confident. Please correct me if my assumptions about the field are incorrect.
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