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Good evening to everyone. I tend to be network admin, I have enough knowledge with a vocational education. I want to be ccna certified, I am 31, is it late for the certification. Thanks!!!:)


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    It is NEVER too late. icon_study.gif
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    Not even close. You are 31 so you can expect to work for another 30 years. Invest a year or two to improve your job prospects for the next 28 is a no-brainer.

    The whole "Am I too old for X?" is silly anyway. We only live once, even if you were 70 and wanted to get a CCNA, why the hell not?
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    Thanks a lot.. I could have done it in the last two years, mind came later. The truth is that it's so important in networking if i want to expect more!!!icon_rolleyes.gif
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    Age doesn't even matter. I use certifications for the knowledge. The exam is just the dessert. Go for it and you might find something in the material that could spark your interest. Then you can research further on the next subject.

    With these exams, it's a departure from the school kind of teaching. Set time aside when you are home from work. Before you know it, exam time will come.
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    Yes you're right. I need the certification because after I can open doors. First I have to earn some money, because this one it's not cheap!
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    Hey! As your opinion, which is the most difficult module in ccna!
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