Failed 006 second time, really need some guidance.

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Hello everyone,
I just failed the network+ 006 today again. I got 625. I used the certificate guide but the questions that I got were just strange to me. I have no IT experience and also having problem finding entry level jobs to gain experience. Please share any advice you have. Thank you


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    Sorry to hear/read! Yeah - the questions are purposely worded sorta terribly to test your comprehension of what they want you to answer based on keywords. Take a look at the domains that you were weak in and try to focus on that. I'd also suggest making a subnet chart so you don't have to do calculations on the fly which can be stressful while on the clock. As for experience, try to look on LinkedIn or other places for volunteer positions which can, at least, give you some new networking opportunities. Good luck!
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    I have found the uCertify practice exams and the accompanying ebook (Chapter Lessons) with interactive chapter quizzes, to be very helpful in understanding the subject material. The major plus side of uCertify, is that their test kits links the core ebook Chapter Lessons with interactive quizzes, including the practice exams.

    Take some practice exams, but the key thing with any test prep program is not to merely memorize the right answers to the test prep questions, but to be sure to thoroughly go over the detailed explanations of the correct/wrong answers - to understand why a particular answer is wrong or correct - and read over the core chapter lesson material, many times.

    Once you score 80% + on the practice exams and thoroughly understand the logic behind the question (why a particular answer is correct/wrong) and master the core lesson material - you are ready to pass the exam.

    The N+ is really not much harder than the A+ If you passed the A+, you will definitely pass the N+
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