Where to Next?

nbrenkenbrenke Member Posts: 5 ■■■□□□□□□□
I need a little bit of guidance and have put a month or so of thought into this but can not decide.

I currently work as a Continuous Monitoring / Information Assurance /Security Engineer for the Federal government and will stay similar to that role for the next few years. I've taken the following Certifications/classes and passed:

Masters in Cyber Security, N+, CISSP, GISP(SANS), SANS GCIH (SANS) (I have some vendor certifications as well).

My thoughts are I'd like to move toward Red Teaming: I'd like to take ISSEP first (but I feel the documentation is so outdated that the newer test will come out any time), OSCP, and CEH.

I dont know which order or where to start. Im about to purchase the iLabs from EC-Council to start there but I dont know if there are better study material then the iLabs.

Suggestions or maybe something additional as well?


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