Passed CISSP on Mid October

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Finally I found sometime to post my experience here. First of all i would like to thank all the forum members for their continuous support and patronage of fellow members . The information provided here is worth an ocean to slay this exam.

I have an experience of 6 years in Information technology of which 5 years have been completely in application security assessments. The other one year i was trying to learn the basics of application development which did not work out that well icon_wink.gif

My Study Resources:
1.Cybrary Videos
2. CISSP study guide 2nd Edition (Eric Conrad)
3.11th hr by Eric Conrad (Concise version of above book)
4.CCCure test engine
5.Combined Notes (available in this forum)

My study plan was like , I would watch the cybrary videos of a particular domain and then read that domain in Eric Conrad 2nd Edition. The videos helped me understand a lot of important concepts which were really strange to me earlier. I did this for about a couple of months every eve for around 2 hrs a day. Then due to personal reasons i had to take a break for 1 n half months . After that continued the study more seriously this time. i read the domains again and would take around 50 questions from cccure related to that domain after finishing every domain. This actually taught me where i was weak and also how i can remember few concepts. After i felt am consistent with the results i scheduled my exam for Mid October. I effectively had three weeks to do my final prep after scheduling.
The last three weeks I read the 11th hr and the cissp combined notes twice. The funny thing which happened was I had to go on a three day vacation the weekend before exam . But i guess it helped me relieve a lot of stress and free the pressure. Once i was back from vacation i read both the 11th hr and combined notes once and took a couple of 250 questions in cccure.

On the day of exam, i actually had scheduled an afternoon slot as i am a late sleeper and hence late to wake up. I did a quick read of the notes once again in the morning and went to the exam center. I was having butterflies in the stomach as it has been a while since i sat for an exam and the six hr thing was intimidating. But once i started the test i was acing through it as i had a plan to finish the exam in two and half hrs (i did the same for practice tests as well) because i know i will not be able to concentrate beyond that. I missed my target by 15 mins and completed the test in 2 hrs 45 mins . I had flagged around 11 questions reviewed those alone and submitted because i started feeling dizzy from question 200. But finally the print out said the golden words . I felt my on the job experience assisted me for around 30% of the examination. Also , i felt i had relatively few questions in the newly added portions.

Thanks to all once again and all the best to future test takers :)


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    Congrats! And thanks for sharing your study materials used.
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    Congrats on your accomplishment.
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    Congrats! Thank you for the information!
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    Hi there.. can you please let me know where I can find the "Combined Notes"
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    Hi there.. can you please let me know where I can find the "Combined Notes"

    Here you go,
    CISSP Combined Notes.pdf
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    Congratulations and thanks for sharing your study strategy
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