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At home i'm taking it chapter by chapter using Mike Meyers All-in-One and the Exam Cram books.

Whilst I'm at work, i'm looking for some good ways to revise within my spare time.

Working on an IT Helpdesk, I only get increments on spare time throughout the day.

Any tips on how to revise in such a small space of time? For instance, I won't be able to read bulks of text without getting broken off every 5 minutes or so.


EDIT: Whilst searching, I came across the website which looks promising for revision whilst I work -

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    If you're working at a help desk now, then there may be some interesting opportunities to revise.

    Do you have access to Command Prompt? If so, you could try the "safe" commands and their arguments.

    Practice questions are great for revision in short bursts, but be careful with this. Apparently, some of them claim to be actual questions and can get you in trouble. If in doubt, check with CertGuard.

    If anyone else thinks of other ideas, or wants to tell me I'm full of it, chime in.
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    ExamCompass | CompTIA Practice Exams really came in handy for me when I was revising in work.
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    Create flash cards at home and review at work? Look through your notes?
    Professor messor also has a daily A+ quiz question. Only 1 question, but you could sign up for that.
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    Thanks for this link. I'm in a similar situation, where I want to study with my downtime at work, but it's hard to read a book.
    The website also has an app. With the practice exams, sims and flash cards, this is perfect.
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    Take those practice tests, and be able to explain why you eliminated every answer but the correct one. All the other responses are helpful as well. Good luck!
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