Path to follow after lpic-1 and puppet professional

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Hello guys,

This is my first post in this great forum where i found a lot of information, i would like to ask you some advice about my path.

I have got the LPIC-1/Linux+ and today i passed the exam for Puppet Professional Certification, i am not working in IT yet and i am going to start looking for a job in the next days.

I don't know which certification will be the next one, i am very tempted to start studying the RHCSA but i am not sure because it is very similar to the LPIC1 except the kind of exam.

I considered these ones for now: rhcsa, aws, lpic2, oscp.

any advice would be most welcome! thanks :)

p.s. sorry about my english


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    DoubleNNsDoubleNNs Member Posts: 2,015 ■■■■■□□□□□
    What are your goals? What type of positions are you most interested in?

    LPIC-1 and Puppet would go well w/ AWS and some basic programming. If automation isn't your thing, then RHCSA might be a good idea, with the idea of going higher afterwards.
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    HailHogwashHailHogwash Member Posts: 87 ■■■□□□□□□□
    +1 of of what DoubleNNs said..what is your end game or want to do
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    mainly devops, so i guess aws and bash/python is the way.. Isn't it?

    Just one question, do you think is possible to become a devops without real experience in system administration? I have got only certs and i have never worked in it.
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    UnixGuyUnixGuy Mod Posts: 4,566 Mod
    Make your goal is to get a job doing Linux work, then take it from there. You don't need more papers, you just need work experience.

    RHCE would make sense, but it's not important now.

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