2800 series routers and ipv6

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In case anyone else is working with 2800-series routers, if you want to do IPv6 you'll need more than ipbase IOS images. If the router shipped with IOS 12 you probably also don't have enogh RAM or flash to run IOS 15 either, so it becomes a hunt-the-version to find the newest that still fits the memory and storage constraints.

I've found 12.4-25g Advanced IP Services to work fine for it. The 2801 uses a different IOS .bin than the rest of the series. On the 2811 I had to delete the .tar and .pkg files off of flash in order to have room for both the existing and the new IOS bin, but surprisingly the 2801 had enough room.


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    yes version 15 ios for a 2801 is like 45mb so it fits on a 64mb compact flash with no problem. But, version 15 ios for the other 2800's is 67mb (at least for the adv enterprise) which won't fit on a 64mb compact flash. So, for a 2811 or better always get at least a 128mb compact flash card.
    And, if you have a tftp server you can alway back up the old iso to your tftp server. Then you don't need room for both the old and the new ios.
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    You need either Advanced IP Services or Advanced Enterprise for IPv6. IP Base is useless for anything but a basic network.

    For Non-Universal Images (1800/2800/3800 Series and Earlier)


    For Routers Using a Universal Image (1900/2900/3900 Series)

    Security: CCNA [ ]
    Virtualization: VCA-DCV [ ]
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