Mind Mapping software for CCNP studies?

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I've looked into xmind mind-mapping software in the past to organize topics while studying, and I am tanking through covering CCNA material before I go for CCNP not taking notes, but once I switch over to CCNP studying I am extremely note heavy.

My question is if anyone used this mind-mapping stuff instead of or in conjunction with notes, and if it was worth the extra effort to make almost like flow charts to organize the info?

Any input appreciated - thanks!


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    I have been doing this for my CCNP studies. I have been using google drive, with an app called "MindMap". I think the app is from mindmapmaker.org. I just use google drive, and added it as an app. This allows me to do work on the maps regardless of location or machine used, which is very useful. Here is a quick screenshot of one of my maps:

    I am using the CBTNuggets video series, and mapping the information directly to the blueprint. It also means I can use a number of books to re-enforce any of the objectives that I'm not 100% on.

    This is my approach, and I think its working well for me personally. It also means that the maps are searchable within google drive for instant reference if I need them during my career.
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    I have used both and find FreeMind the best one, check it out: Main Page - FreeMind
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