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I took both exams today passed the 1st but not the second I thought I was really prepared until some of the questions were really confusing I think I may of put to much thought into the question. Any advice (on 220-802) to help me prepare for my retest. I know I have to do both over so any form of study material that I should really read more on? Thanks


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    The Windows Command Line Quiz (50 Questions) really helped me with command prompt terms. Also I would recommend looking at your exam print out and going over the areas you didn't do well in via an exam book or professor messer videos.

    Good luck :)
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    Sorry to hear that.
    I know I have to do both over
    No you don't have to do both again, just the 802.
    802 exam uses tricky wordings to make sure candidate knows the concept.
    My suggestion is: go through 802 material again, specially Troubleshooting & Operating Systems part, that covers 66% of the exam. If you can answer correctly most of troubleshooting scenario and operating systems questions, you should be able to pass.
    Also try taking all 10 802-practice tests here. examcompass.com and any other test you have access to. You should pass these test exams with 90% or higher to be on safe side. I used examcram book and did practice test which is on back of the book and on CD and also examcompass. These helped me to get feel of the real exam.
    Getting familiar with command prompt will help passing exam as there are 3 or more simulations in exam.

    I wish you good luck, you will pass next time.
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    Late to the party here, but I just passed the 802 on Wednesday.

    Wording of the questions is absolutely key. Make sure you are paying attention to every detail. Especially when the exam question includes a word in all caps like "MOST" or "FASTEST" or "FIRST". That will change your answer in many cases.

    I used Professor Messer's youtube videos, every practice test on examcompass.com, and the advice of many people on here and the Reddit subforum /r/CompTIA.
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