vm can ping but no dns

I am building a new vSphere 6 environment at work. I have a single esxi 6u1 host running right now ( getting ready to add more blades) and am trying to install vCenter but hitting some dns issues.

The layout is:

Esxi 6u1 host
vSwitch - 2 port groups VM Network and Mgmt_Prod

4 VM's on VM Network (no vlan)
1 Test VM on Mgmt_Prod (vlan 100)

2 Cisco 3850 switch with trunking enabled on the host to pass 4 vlans

From the 4 VM's on the VM Network everything is great dns is fine (2 dns servera), nslookup works, can traverse through our vpn to another site with no issues

VM on Mgmt Prod can ping any device fine, can access the web fine, BUT cannot resolve any host names.

Any thoughts?
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