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Thinking about taking this to renew my CCNA. Not much on here about this lately. Anyone taking the exam recently? Thoughts? For reference, I currently work in the networking group for a service provider.


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    I am also looking to write the CCNA/CCNP SP, you should check out CBT nuggets MPLS fundamentals course they also have a CCNA SP course available.

    Too bad Cisco does not have books for this track seems they don`t like us SP guys lol.
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    I just noticed it posted the original topic under a username that I don't use. Not sure if I created 2 accounts or what happened? Either way, I am the original poster.

    I have the CBT videos and I have also purchased a book on Amazon (CCNA SP ExamFocus Study Notes)?? Now that I have it, it looks like a non-official book. Its basically a cliff notes version of CCNA topics. Don't think it going to be helpful or go into any detail.

    Any others books or material I should look at? The SP looks pretty similar to the R&S so far.
  • FadakartelFadakartel Member Posts: 144
    Yea it is pretty similar to CCNA R&S all you really need are those materials for CCNA SP, possibly you can look at:
    IP Routing on Cisco IOS, IOS XE, and IOS XR: An Essential Guide to Understanding and Implementing IP Routing Protocols (Networking Technology)

    You can get through CCNA SP pretty easily using the CBT nuggets videos and google anything else in the exam blueprint.

    For CCNP SP your going to need a ton of books.
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    ok, thank you. I use IOS XE/XR daily, so I know it pretty well. I don't think I need much to know the material, just maybe a refresher on some of the exam terminology. I am just not a good test taker lol. Thanks again.
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