Not sure where to begin getting a "Real" cert

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I've got about five years doing IT Helpdesk/Deskside roles. My current role title is Network Support but I don't really touch the network switches and routers. I'd like to build up some certs so that I can consider leaving my current position. Do you all have any idea where to begin I have some basic MTAs and I have an Associates in IT and BA (nonIT). Ideally I'd be ok with Deskside/Support as long as I'm making 50K or above always wanted to be a Network Engineer but not sure if thats doable as I am 30 and still doing entry level stuff. Any advice welcome. I was thinking CCNA but is it worth it if I never touch anything CISCO? What about the Comptia trifecta? MCSA should I wait for 10 since I don't do too much work on the server?


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    I am currently going for the CCNA: R&S, and will grind straight on to the CCNP after that. I think it's definitely doable. I am in a similar boat to you I think so I have a bit to say :D I am 29 and am in the process of getting into the field. I have 6 months help/desktop experience.

    I hate to nitpick at titles, but "Network engineer" could mean anything. At the company I worked at, one of the "network engineers" worked primarily on Windows/SharePoint. I am getting the impression that you simply mean whatever job is above help/desktop roles. But please clarify.

    If you want to work on servers, I could recommend the MCSA in Server 2012 (you don't need to wait until the next version) if you enjoy Microsoft. If you want Linux I'd go for RHCSA. A Vmware certification could compliment either nicely, typically you start with VCA and then move on to VCP (but the VCP requires a class, do a search for details).

    If you want actual networking, then I would stick with the Cisco track. I think the cert reflects more than just knowing Cisco commands; you have a decent understanding of networks at that point. I'd start with the ICND1 and then the ICND2. You will have your CCNA in Routing and Switching then. The Wireshark cert (WCNA) could compliment that nicely. The CCNA is a widely known cert so it would help to start there. IMO it is worth it even if you haven't touched Cisco equipment. You have to start somewhere. You can use GNS3 or Packet Tracer to simulate typing the commands.

    Let me know if you have any more questions, and good luck in your quest.
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    If your goal is to end up as a Network Engineer then start on your CCNA right now. Don't make excuses about lack touching Cisco gear or doing other certs first, just go for it and dive in head first!

    Plenty of great resources to get started and people here on TechExams to help you out.

    Good luck!
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