So I landed a help desk support role

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Read a lot of stuff on here that helped me land the role I'm in now.

Just got into I.T 2 years ago..My first job was as a Dell field tech for a company called Unisys.

After servicing a laptop, I chopped it up with the I.T admin, we exchanged emails, sent him my resume, & a month later he called me and asked me if I wanted a job

I was shocked because I have zero help desk experience and only have the A+, but he seemed to like me very much and told me it looks like i'm very eager to learn. I did take a 6 dollar pay cut per hour, but the experience i'll learn here is worth much more.

Anywho, i'll pretty much be doing basic support for now. Fixing internet connectivity issues, replacing ink, fixing paper jams, and wiping computers.

Now, the tricky thing is he works remotely 4 days out of the week. I'm pretty much on my own here 99% of the time, but if users have issues, they usually email him & he remotes in and fixes it quickly. One part of me feels like I won't learn things fast since he's not here much to mentor me..the other side of me feels I might since I'm alone & am forced to learn things fast.

Friday was my first day..we moved someone to a new cubicle, & installed a network color printer.

Today he sent me an email and told me to brush up on basic networking concepts and to learn windows 7.

Here are my questions

Which should I be learning first? Should I learn the in's-and-outs of win 7 first or jump into networking? Would jumping into networking first help me understand windows 7 more? Or Vice-versa?


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    Since you've already been a dell field tech how much more windows 7 are you really expected to learn? Windows is basically Windows and the hard part is figuring out where they put the darn control panel after each revision icon_wink.gif Now networking, there's a lot of stuff to learn there. Enough to last you years. It should be fun.

    Learning windows first should be the easier quicker of the two though.
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