CCNP TSHOOT course worthwhile?

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A few people have made the comment that the TSHOOT exam is easy if you've done the ROUTE and SWITCH exams. I am considering doing courses for CCNP next year (a good price, and they run on evenings or Saturdays), since I find the structure of courses really helps to learn things.

I am wondering how much study is really needed for TSHOOT? Could you do it on the basis of what you learn from ROUTE/SWITCH and a bit of common sense? Or is it just that the typical CCNP candidate has a couple of years of real experience doing troubleshooting?

Has anyone studied for ROUTE + SWITCH and walked into TSHOOT cold and passed?
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    I studied ROUTE and SWITCH, then went through maybe 20% of TSHOOT (Book and Videos) before I put them away and just took the exam. Both the book and videos felt like a rehashing of ROUTE and SWITCH. Other than Extended PING, Traceroute (which didn't even work when I took the exam), and Troubleshooting Models which I was already familiar with, there was nothing new.

    A couple of notes --

    1) This is based on the 642 Series TSHOOT which I took. Since I did not take the current exam, I couldn't guarantee it would be the same.

    2) There are a few topics that were (on the 642 Series) on the TSHOOT, but not ROUTE or SWITCH. They were covered on the Udemy SWITCH videos, even though they technically were not a SWITCH topic.

    As for the 642 Series TSHOOT, it was a lot of PINGing and staring at the output of "sh run". If you feel comfortable with Extended and Regular PING and troubleshooting the technologies, then there was nothing that TSHOOT materials added.
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    That's what I was thinking. I suspect once I've actually got up to speed on ROUTE and SWITCH, I'll have a better idea, but it sounds like TSHOOT study might be best done via self study.
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    If you've passed CCNP Route and Switch legitimately than you should breeze T.Shoot..
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