Puppet 203 — System Administration Using Puppet

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anyone took Puppet Professional Certification?

are there a lot Ruby development questions? How difficult is this exam?
Exam Objectives

  • Identify Style Guide recommendations
  • Describe language features
  • Identify the core resource types
  • Demonstrate knowledge of classes and defines
  • Describe how to use modules from the Forge
  • Demonstrate knowledge of module structure
  • Identify module authoring best practices
Using Puppet
  • Describe environments in Puppet
  • Describe the lifecycle of a Puppet run
  • Describe Puppet ecosystem component usage
  • Describe how to configure a Puppet master
Puppet Internals
  • Describe the purpose of types and providers
  • Describe Puppet’s use of SSL certificates
  • Describe classification
  • Describe Node Manager
  • Describe RBAC
  • Demonstrate knowledge of how to troubleshoot PE Console
  • Describe reporting capabilities in PE Console
  • Describe the purpose of PuppetDB
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Hiera
  • Describe the usage of MCollective
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Facter


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