Failed cissp 26-10-2015

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I have Failed CISSP and in one of the worst possible way with rate 686. I'm posting this to worn others ... do not stick to much on Shon Haris (RiP Shon!) tests and videos also test on cccure I strongly recommend to use NEW book with 8 Domains where you can find also cloud topics. I would also not recommend to focus on how is something working (I'm not saying that this is not needed but this will not guarantee passing) I strongly suggest to focus on why is is working what is the purpose I'm not sure if i will retake but if i will do ... i won't stick so much on things to memorize - keys, ports etc it is also probably nice to have but not nervelessly critical. If somebody know any book with testes based on 8 domains please share. Good luck to all ... :D


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    So far, to my knowledge there are only two books currently published with the new domain structure, both below and linked to Barnes & Noble and Amazon.
    The Official (ISC)2 Guide to the CISSP CBK, Fourth Edition
    Amazon Link
    Barnes and Noble Link

    Sybex's - The CISSP Official Study Guide 7th Edition.
    Amazon Link
    Barnes and Noble Link

    The Eric Conrad - CISSP Study Guide, is due out this coming January 3rd and is available for pre-order.

    Other than that...I don't know of any other published books. Transcender does state that their questions have been updated, but I think they only moved them around to the new least that's what it appears to me.

    Sorry that you missed it by one question...makes me more nervous as I test on the 7th of November.

    Best of luck to you..
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    Sorry for the miss. Don't give up! icon_study.gif
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    Thanks Havoc64 for sharing this information. I was actually looking which books cover the new 8 domains. Its sad to see that Eric's new edition wont be released till Jan 2016..
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