DNS troubleshooting question

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ok so heres the setup. We have a network with the primary dns server as and all desktops are static all laptops are dhcp. Static IP's are on the 10.102.7.x and wireless are on 10.102.192.x.

All Statics are able to pull the staff folders from server but all DHCP cannot. When i check a dhcp client the dns server is correct and I can pull the folders by going through windows explorer> \\

any ideas on why the DNS wont push to the dhcp network?


  • quickman007quickman007 Posts: 195Member
    You might have better luck asking this in the Windows Server section of the forum, assuming your DNS/DHCP server is windows.
  • TWXTWX Posts: 259Member
    Just to confirm, you can do DNS lookups against this server manually from nslookup or dig?

    What's your domain (as opposed to host) assigned via DHCP versus set statically? If the OS is making assumptions about the domain-name and there's an incorrect setting that could cause some kinds of problems.
  • Murph2390Murph2390 Posts: 11Member ■□□□□□□□□□
    Turns out I forgot to put in a new forward lookup zone for the new ip range of dchp.
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