Failed 70-685

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Failed with a 594. Those drag and arrange questions if what I think got me. How does one prepare for those? I had 12 of them out of 50.
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    Yea, those can be brutal.


    I've noticed with Microsoft EVERY question has AT LEAST one additional element contained inside. They are hardly EVER just straight forward: "where do you find this?"; "how do you do this?". All I can suggest doing is to Lab and Lab and Lab. I personally learn best that way, and take your time with the questions. I've noticed that some of the possible answers try to trip you up on options that aren't really in the screens that they specify, some will try and confuse you with similar commands or tempt you to pick something that looks obvious but really isn't.

    Just my two cents, but I don't EVER expect Microsoft's questions to be exactly what it looks like on the first read and that applies even MORE to their "drag and arrange" type questions.
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