Renewing my certifications?

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So my 3 comptia certs expire next year in August, I will be earning my ccna this weekend and ccna security around february next year.

When i use these to renew my certifications will they renew starting at the date that i earned my last certification? will it renew for 3 full years? Do I have to pay the fees for each year that i renew for or how does that work?


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    You have to pay the dues under the CEU section at this site: Then once you paid at 100% I think it's $49 per year. Then you can submit your CEUs. For example, the CCNA Security (50 CEUs) will renew your Security+ 3 years from the date you passed your CCNA Security. CCNA R&S will give you 20 CEUs towards your A+
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    What type of work do you currently do? What are you aiming for next?

    I wouldn't pay to keep CompTIA certs from expiring when moving on to Cisco.
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    If you don't mind paying as stated above. Another higher CompTIA cert will keep the lower ones active. Other certs will renew as well.
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    I work with a wide variety of technologies currently, firewalls, Windows servers, Pos systems, I'm all over the place. I plan on staying certified for at least the next 3 years with my Compia certs, after that I figure they won't be so relevant with my experience level at the time.

    so i will need to pay $150 for all 3 years to stay certified?
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    ^ You will need to pay $150 just to pay off the 3 year CEU dues. Once you do that, you will have to take another approved list of exams in order to recert the A+, N+, and S+, such as the CASP, etc. CCNA Security will renew your S+ Refer to this site and scroll to the bottom:
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  • brfitzpbrfitzp Posts: 41Member ■■□□□□□□□□
    So I've passed my CCNA: Security exam and will renew my 3 comptia certs with this soon. But that brings up another question, lets say in a few years i pass another certification such as the CCNP: R&S. This will renew my CCNA:Security, will the renewed CCNA: security count as CE credits for comptia?
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