How long to prepare ICND 1 ?

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Hello everyone,

Just decided to pass my CCNA cert, actually I'm student in CS (I still have 1 year to finish my bachelor degrees if everything goes fine) but I never touched this field (networking), this is a complet new area for me..

I've bought Wendell official books for ICND 1&2 and also bought Udemy complet CCNA course (10$) and I have installed Packet Tracer on my laptop.

How long do you think it gonna take for ICND 1 ? One month is enough or it gonna be tough

Last question .. What's the most difficult topic in this first part ? subbnetting ?? ipv6 ??? routing ??

And feel free if you have any advice to give me.


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    hannismhannism Member Posts: 112
    Everyone learns at a different pace.

    It took me two months to pass ICND1. This is with a full-time job and a family. I didn't have any college courses to worry about. I dedicated at least two hours a night.

    The most difficult part for me was ospf.

    My advice for you would be to know subnetting like its the back of your hand first.

    After that, then fill in the other areas.
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    SimridSimrid Member Posts: 327
    Took me about 4 months revising every other day, pretty laid back approach.

    Subnetting, subnetting and subnetting is the one to go for on that exam. Probably the most tricky, but all of a sudden it'll click.

    Chris Bryant videos are really good.
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    I too bought the Odom books. I thought I was going to pick it up in a couple of weekends.

    HAHAHAHAHAAA!!! Boy was I funny!

    With consistent daily studying and lab work plus job experience this is taking me several months. I'm probably committing two to four hours a day on the weeknights and four to six hours a day on the weekends. I thought I was pretty smart, but I did not realize how little of the CCNA material actually applies to my job, so I'm having to learn a whole lot of basic principles and variations on how to do the same thing (ie, all of the various verions of spanning tree, etc) because they could be on the exam.

    If I were telling someone new, I'd say they have to approach it like a 3 credit hour college class.
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    satishtechsatishtech Member Posts: 243
    ICND1 can get quite tricky.Been preparing for ages.....
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    YanioYanio Member Posts: 37 ■■□□□□□□□□
    There's a fair bit to cover, especially if you're completely new to networking. But it's all pretty fascinating stuff!

    As others have said, how fast you're able to study is a very subjective thing, only you can really make a guess! Not very helpful but there we go icon_wink.gif
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