Do you get a refund when you cancel an exam with Pearson-Vue?

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I have scheduled to write an exam on the Pearson VUE website through Microsoft and then discovered that I already have an appointment on the same day, now I want to cancel the exam I also wanted to rescheduled for a different day but it appears that the only days available are on December. I am worried that if I cancel I might not get my money back. Has anyone here been in the same situation and do you get a refund if you cancel an exam with Pearson VUE? I am looking forward to hearing from your experience on this.


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    I believe that they have a rescheduling policy that you can review when you go through the process. Best thing to do is give them a call. I had some mix up with CIW Ids and they figured it out straight away. It looks like you can get them on the line with an online chat as well. Go to the Pearson site and click on the Test taker customer service page. That should help you get to the right place.
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    FAQs for test takers :: Pearson VUE
    • The deadline to reschedule or cancel an appointment will vary by testing program. To determine the policy for your exam and testing program, check your appointment confirmation email.
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