Passed Splunk Certified Knowledge Manager

As the title says I just passed the Splunk Certified Knowledge Manager exam. I have been using Splunk on a daily basis for a year now. Although I had good experience, over the last 60 days I took the three required courses: Using Splunk, Creating Knowledge Objects, and Searching and Reporting. They do a good job with the classes and they definitely filled some gaps in knowledge that I had.

The test itself was extremely disappointing. 40 items, 60 minutes to complete it and 75% to pass. If you fail you can take it up to 3 times but must wait 2 hours between attempts. You take it online through a provider called Brillium. Very weird but for a "free" test you can't ask for much. If you attend the classes and do the labs there's no possible way you can fail this test. Very easy.

If anyone is interested in this cert it may be worth noting that the certification track is changing. They are renaming the cert to "Splunk Certified Power User 6.3". It will also require one additional course which start next week: Splunk Infrastructure Overview. Those like me who have the Certified Knowledge Manager cert can upgrade to the 6.3 cert just by doing the new Infrastructure Overview course. No additional exam required. More details here: http://www.splunk.com/web_assets/pdfs/support/edu/v63/RecertificationCustomerMatrix10-15.pdf


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