self study and post cert questions

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Hello! My first post here.
fast background
-learned html, css, and java from soxth to eigth grade, made crappy websites and programmed scripts in java for a bot program for a game
-built my own pc from random free and cheap towers i found freshman year
-learned minor c++ and javascript sophomore year
-ethical hacking classes and nonstop troubleshooting for free for anyone that needed it since
-no real linux or apple experience, dualbooted ubuntu once and hated it

I have mike meyers all in one 801/2 220 book, bought a 5 subject notebook to take notes and physically write a glossary

I helped set up and troubleshoot my entire highschools network, and helped maintain it till graduation, but don't know as much as id like.
ive downloaded crucialexams and comptia apps, I've been told Im over studying, but told that by people that took older versions.

Is this a good book?
is there a such a thing as over studying?
is prpfessor messer videos on youtube as good as I've heard?

Im going from literally homeless sleeping in the park to couch surfing and working fifteen hour shifts to save up for the test, and if i fail, it could be a LONG time to retake.

After i pass, would no real college experiwnce be bad?
Would volunteer work be enough?
Thank you for any help, im ecstatic that im able to dedicate time and money to this now.


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    The book is current. If you feel confident from the book, you should be fine. The certification is in two exams, which might be a plus, since if you fail an exam, it's only half.

    You might overstudy for this exam, but it's not wasted. You will use the extra you learn some how, either on the job, or in the next cert. Better that you get ahead early, than scrape by.
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    No such thing as over-studying! icon_cool.gif

    The book is good but others are too. It's best to absorb from as many sources as possible.

    Those videos are free so therefore good. icon_lol.gif

    No experience is bad - yeah, try to volunteer!

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