Favorite v2 Switch Lab Book?

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As the title states I'm currently working on NP:Switch 300-115 and was wondering what your favorite lab book is for this course? I'd also be interested in any online sources you may use. Does your preferred Switch author also have books for Route and TShoot? Thanks guys, I appreciate your time! icon_study.gif
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    I did the old exams, but felt the Simplified Series had some good labs. I used the switch simplified and it has 11 labs in the back, it can be had for $9.99 on kindle. The same company also publishes another book called 101 Labs, which can also be had for $9.99 on kindle, I have not tried this one. I did use the ROUTE simplified book but was not as excited about the ROUTE labs. I googled for ROUTE student lab manual, and a cisco document came up in PDF, which I thought was pretty good.

    I dont believe there is a substantial different between the old and new exams, so they should do you just fine.
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