Virtual Lab Security Purposed

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Not sure if this was the right place to post this thread and if not, apologize ahead of time.

This is for anyone who is willing to assist. I have tried my best to find a step by step guide in setting up a virtual lab with which I can learn to use Kali Linux with. I am very interested in trying out Kali in a sandboxed environment, but am not sure what all components I should include. The reasoning behind this is though you can see I want to eventually get my CISSP, I feel that having no hands on onto how things happen won't necessarily affect my cert capability, but will affect my level of confidence in holding it. To be perfectly honest, the certs I currently hold I now have a broader vocabulary and understand some of what I should see, but not much to the how and why did it happen. Hopefully I am not confusing anyone.

I think I want to use VMware as I already have that at my disposal. I'm sure someone else has done this and for anyone that has I would greatly appreciate any assistance.


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