SSIS Package not executing

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Good day,

Currently i am working on an SSIS package on Dev Environment and i must deploy it to Production.I created a connection manager meant to pull data from one of the databases in the same Dev Server.All worked well!!

I then deployed the package to Production Server which is not on the same network as Dev.The problem is now on execution,when i execute the package its returning errors " CANNOTACQUIRECONNECTIONFROMCONNECTIONMANAGER" Error code 0*C0202009.

The connection manager being refferenced here is the one i created on Dev and for sure this connection manager will not work in Production since its on separate networks.I deleted the connection manager and deployed the package again and when i want to execute it gives me the same error as above again.Why should this error still showing after i deleted the conncetion manager inside the package.

Please help, how can i fix this issue?
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