I passed the cissp 29-10-2015

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Hi Guys,

I passed the CISSP today.

cccure.org (paid)
shon harris
11th hour

cccure.org videos and test questions were very help. Its highly recommended.



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    Congratulations on your achievement ! For the benefit of other CISSP aspirants, can you please share your study strategy and any specific tips?
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    Congrats! Were the resources you used for the old 10 domain exam?
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    What are the costs of cccure paid tests? How helpful are they?
  • kiransav07kiransav07 Member Posts: 17 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Yes looks like old guides (for 10 domains) were used since all the above resources have only old editions in market. Eric Conard's CISSP study guide, third edition is being released on Jan 3rd, 2016. Once can pre-order it on Amazon.
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    congrats on the pass
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