How long to study for?

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Im looking to get my first certification, do you think i should choose A+ over ccna, or the other way?
Also how long on average did everyone study for in preparation. Thanks.


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    Depends how much you already know, you will have to give more details.
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    Yes, more details.

    Assuming that you are a regular, but enthusiastic computer user, with no technical training and no work experience, I'd say give yourself 18 weeks to 6 months of part time study for A+.

    I wouldn't bother with the CCNA until you had some good basic skills. But if you really wanted to, then sign up for a CCNA Academy program at a local school/college/polytechnic/university (whatever you have in your part of the world). It will probably take a year to complete.

    If you have work experience, or some formal training, or beyond usual skills, then things might be different. I'd still say that the A+ would need at least 3 full days for revision for each exam, and a similar amount (maybe a bit longer) for each ICDN1 and ICDN2, at the minimum.
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    My experience was it took me a few months but it was part of a class I took during college. This included hands-on training, reading the books, and utilizing other materials provided by my school. It really depends on your experience level and exposure to technology. Lastly, a good amount of it is how fast you learn and understand the material and implementing it into practice. That is where the real value of the cert and the knowledge that you get along the journey.

    Good luck!! icon_thumright.gif
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