Do you have more than one black t-shirt?

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Anyone heard of Sikich?

Found this at

Under Responsibilities
  • Learning the tricks of the trade from experienced mentors
  • Blogging about your new security finds
  • Be able to interpret vulnerabilities, identify weaknesses, exploit them and escalate your access; we don't just run tools and slap on a cover sheet
Under Desire Skills and Experience
  • Own more than one black t-shirt
  • Have managed networks and systems for both Windows and Unix platforms (even if it's the half-dozen systems stored under your bed)
  • Have tried to exploit security holes and then fix them, but only on your own systems
  • Be able to communicate technical information to C-level, highly-technical and non-technical audiences alike
  • Write good and speak gooder
If you like to break into your own systems and you're a quick learner, you'll fit in well. We'll make sure your techniques are in line with ours.
If you've broken into someone else's system without authorization, please don't bother to apply


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    Mike7 wrote: »
    • Write good and speak gooder

    I love when they practice what they preach.
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    Finally a job listing where I might meet all their desirable skills and experience.
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    Are professionally, or willing to get, certified (while certifications don't indicate competence, they do reflect professionalism and a minimum knowledge level) in any of the following...

    Wow, someone gets it!
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    I like the job ad.
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    Sounds like they want a true enthusiast that is willing to go pro and also willing to make the effort to fill-in the holes in their resume with training.

    That's not as common as it used to be. Must be actual technical staff doing the hiring as opposed to being taken by an HR department and revised until becoming meaningless.
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