VCP-Cloud: worth it?

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Hey guys,

So thanks to someone, not named, for providing technical information, But I've successfully deployed vCloud Director at home on the N+3 cluster last night after taking a short 1 hour break from ICDN2 study, using the Cisco Lab for 15 vLAN's (5 per domain - tried to make a generic network for server, printers, phones, wireless, and desktops) I've deployed 3 domains (2 of which work over the home-based FR 'public' cloud on a Raspberry Pi 2 for connectivity) and I'm really liking vCloud Director but unless I'm with a large company that does MSP-level IaaS it's really too powerful of a tool for a SMB.

I kind of used the vCloud project at home as also testing on ICDN2 study so I could build a multi-area OSPF lab with STP/Ether-channel/Frame-Relay/GLRP/Mainly Extended ACL's/NAT Overload/multiple trunked vLAN's over Etherchannel and other that's I'm probably forgetting with flowing traffic, it's one thing to make a static lab, it's another to have flowing traffic...I will say this FR is slow as ****, but it works....

I mean you really need a solid core and storage fabric for it to work optimally, my NAS does it fine in a lab but the IOPS just aren't there..

Anyways, I'm curious if getting at-least the VCP-Cloud would be worth it if I'm currently just doing DCV stuff. I think deep DCV is what I'd like to do but Cloud might have it's benefits to at-least be able to move around decently, the question truly on my mind is the exam dreadfully hard?

Like those of you that took it, what was your exam prep time-frame?


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    Hard? Worth It? As with most in the vUniverse - it depends :)

    for me personally both VCP-Cloud exams (5 and 6) were the easiest ones, compared to the DCV for example. As with all exams though, if you know the product, the certificate is merely a presentation of your knowledge. Whether it is worth it depends really on what you want to get out of it.

    For me personally I am working as a Senior Consultant and I couldn't care less about the "core" vSphere stuff. So my certification goes are around cloud as i work daily with vCloud Director and vRealize Automation. So having the VCP-Cloud shows that I know what I am pretending to know :)

    Now having said that - if your "core" knowledge isn't that great but you dream vRA / vCD and you need to renew - go cloud :)

    Now you say you installed vCloud Director in your lab. VCP6-Cloud is very heavy on vRealize Automation 6 (and vsphere 5.5 ironically) so make sure you read the Blueprint to make sure you study the right things.

    I have designed and implemented large vRA environments on vBlocks so that exam was almost a walk in the park.

    Another thing to consider when thinking about taking this exam: The VCP6-Cloud is being retired end of November :)
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    jibbajabba wrote: »
    Another thing to consider when thinking about taking this exam: The VCP6-Cloud is being retired end of November :)

    I presume you mean 5 icon_razz.gif
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    I would recommend it if you want to delve deeper into vCD. I use it very heavily in my job role along with vSphere so I found it very beneficial in increasing my knowledge of not just the software but advance cloud concepts and principles. I have some exposure with Azure and AWS but I like the VMware software stack the best as of now. ;)

    I was hoping it would get me a pay raise/bonus which it did so it was totally worth it. I mainly got the certification because it was free for me!! :)

    My advice is to study the blueprint thoroughly as much as possible. I skimmed it myself but I use vCD everyday so I knew it fairly well and prepared for the exam within a few months after my VCP-DCV.

    I think it would help round out your experience/skills

    Good luck!! icon_thumright.gif
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    Yepp. The current Cloud gives you the CMA as well. Have a read through both blue prints. It is worth attempting the cloud before it becomes redundant icon_wink.gif
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