CISSP - Aspiring to go for end of November 2015

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Hi All,

I just started gathering myself to prepare for the CISSP ..I have been on and off with the reading and with lot of experience in infosec, I had only become little lazy and un-organised... so with very low confidence if I know what I know and should know, I am on the journey..

Will be very happy to get some feedback on study tips

For now, my study plan is

1. 2 hrs every day
2. 200 questions every week!

Borrowed from a friend CISSP-6th ediition of Shon Harris (let the soul bless me!) and have bought Microsoft CISSP Training Kit , SimpliLearn online classroom and Eric Conrad 11th Hour..

Let me know if you have any source of free exams!



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    Search for "Passed CISSP" topics on this forum for more detailed resources and success stories as well. I finished reading Eric Conrad 2nd Ed book and 11th hour. I am currently reading Shon Harris 6th Ed for my 5 weakest domains, watching the Cybrary videos and taking the paid Transcender quizzes. I might end up buying the new Cybex 7th Ed just to cover the new CISSP topics. Exam date is scheduled for 24 Nov 2015.
  • sydneysundarsydneysundar Member Posts: 19 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Many thanks. All the very best for your exams.
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    i think you should add eric condrad book to it, many people have reviewed that its valuable to the exam.
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