are there any lifetime security or networking certs

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only one i really found was comptia server


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    None that are worth anything. In order to be ANSI certified exams must show continuous education / training and require certification renewal atleast every 3-4 yrs.
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    Pretty sure the OSCP is "lifetime" and definitely worth it
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    If you are an existing CISSP that is at least 60 years of age or medically unable to continue practicing, there is CISSP retired (link is for ISC2 members only).
    One time US$100 payment, exempted from submitting CPEs or paying AMFs.

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    All of eLearnSecurity's and Offensive Security's certifications are lifetime at the moment.
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    -Microsoft MCSA are for the OS and then transition to "Legacy".
    -Linux+ is lifetime.
    -OSCP is lifetime and you just pay a fee to get the updated material.

    Lifetime certs are a thing of the past. Most certifications go to credits because it forces people to keep learning and pay to keep the organization alive. Frankly, I like the idea of the fees assuming you get resources that are beneficial. That is kind of a downside to some lifetime and Cisco Certifications (you have to retest every few years) my knowledge you do not get any additional "goodies".
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    For me, certifications are a business. In the past (like other business), the model pointed to offer something for a price, and at the end of the transaction it was over. Now, the model changed and today we have a model subscription-based. You need to keep paying to maintain your product in good health. Maybe in 10 years from now the model will change again (like games and DLC) and in order to get a product you like, you will have to buy it in small parts. You will need to certify each letter of the cert to form the one you like :D
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    ITIL, HDI and MTA are.
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    I view certs as a stepping stone to get you to the next level after you get there the cert is irrelevant. If youve been in networking for more that 2 years and you are still bragging about CCNA then you really need to reconsider your career same goes for all other certs.
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    The networking field is always changing..don't really see how we could have a lifetime cert here. Maybe something that focuses on the basics but again that wouldn't maintain much credibility.
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    Params7 wrote: »
    The networking field is always changing..don't really see how we could have a lifetime cert here. Maybe something that focuses on the basics but again that wouldn't maintain much credibility.

    This is very much true. Even for something general and more theory oriented, the field does change. Networking has changed at every layer. Thicknet co-ax to twisted pair, fibre and wireless. Bus topologies to fully switched, 10GBe converged networks, wireless, VLANs. IPv6. A proliferation of services...

    Someone who certified 20 years ago (and hadn't kept up to date), wouldn't be useful for anything really innovative.

    Security is even more dynamic. New vulnerabilities, new exploits, new threats. Innovations in attack and defence. It's a constant arms race.
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