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Hi i have question about active directory and domain controller issue. i notice that i when i had a computer to domain and create a new user in active directory and try to log in as the user i get a error. trust relationship between this workstation and primary domain failed. the way around it is un join domain and rejoin it and that seems to do the trick. do you guys have any idea? i'm running server 2012


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    bohackbohack Member Posts: 114
    Have you recently used snapshots or checkpoints to revert the domain controller? It sounds like your account for the computer that is joined is updating it's password, then you are reverting back to a prior time (old password). The computer account rotates it's password every 30 days. When a computer is joined to the network it's original password is it's computer name i.e. computer of server1 would have a computername of $server1 and a password of $server1. Upon reboot it is changed and the clock starts ticking. The reason it works for the pre-existing account is that the workstation or server you log into caches the last 20 user's credentials.

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    AdrianITAdrianIT Member Posts: 18 ■■■□□□□□□□
    are you using Hyper-V/Esxi? If your DC is a VM and have reverted back to any snapshots/checkpoints that can upset the trust...
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