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I've been reading about trying to set up a home lab for taking the CCNP exams when I reach that poing. When I "google" for CCNP home lab, a lot of articles from this guy Chris Bryant come up. He seems to be pretty much on top of things as to what to buy when you get ready to make the "lab leap"......Have any of you read these articles or heard anything good about him?

Also, what are recommended middle of the road lab setups for this type of thing (CCNP)



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    I am in a similar boat - trying to decide what kind of lab to do for CCNP.

    I have also bumped into Chris Bryant's stuff fairly frequently when searching for CCNP Lab ideas - sounds interesting - but his promos read like an infomercial - too much hype for me to bite.

    Also, I haven't seen any material from him that goes beyond BSCI.

    As an example of his cheesy & sleezy sales techniques - he apparently gives you an unprecedented price on a daily basis.

    Taken from

    "Here's even more great news - you have the opportunity to purchase The Ultimate BSCI Study Package at an unprecedented price.

    Because the ebook format has reduced many of our costs (don't worry, you can print hard copies!), I’m doing a test and passing our savings on to our Internet customers (you) until Midnight, March 2, 2006. I cannot guarantee this price beyond March 3!"
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