Take My CASP in 2 Days

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Hi All,

Without violating NDA, can anyone point me to any good resources online as to what I could expect simulation-wise? In addition, anyone who has taken it, are there a lot of questions in regards to scenario questions corresponding to what step in the SDLC you are in?

Thanks in advance!


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    You can read the forum threads.

    Also see The CompTIA CASP Exam Experience - TechExams.net IT Certification Blogs
    Personally, I really enjoyed the simulations. They seemed simplistic to me at first, but you could easily guess wrong if you were not thorough in your analysis of the situation graphically presented to you. Expect both graphical point-and-click and command line skills to be utilized. Based on my exam, I think exam candidates who have not been actively involved in systems and network operations might feel very out of place in the CASP sims
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    :) Thanks for taking the time to post.
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    I took the CASP two Mondays ago. I concur with Mike7, you should definitely know the steps of the SDLC. The simulations look simplistic but they are not simple if you know what I mean. I can't disclose what exactly they are, but I can tell you that you need to know your Unix command line, firewall ACL/subnetting, network architecture, etc.
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