BGP VRF Redistribution Question

dppagcdppagc Senior MemberMember Posts: 293
Refer to the config below:

R2(config)#router bgp 100
(config-router)#address-family ipv4 vrf A
(config-router-af)#redistribute static
(config-router-af)#network mask

R2# sh bgp vpnv4 unicast all

How come the static route and are inside the vpnv4 address family?
I thought I only redistribute it into BGP?
How does BGP know that it has to place it in the VPNv4 address family?
I mean, there are so many protocols running in BGP. How does BGP know what to do with it? icon_pale.gif


  • networker050184networker050184 Went to the dark side.... Mod Posts: 11,962 Mod
    When you create the "address-family ipv4 vrf A" you're telling BGP this is an instance within the VRF. VRF routes are carried using VPNv4.
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