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Hello Everyone,

I'd like to know if anyone has been able to access the EXIN Candidate Portal recently? I passed the ITIL Foundations V3 back in 2010, passed and received my certificate. I recently became aware of the upcoming ITIL Practitioners level coming out from Axelos, and was trying to join the Axelos Development program. However Axelos has no record of my EXIN Foundation certification.
So I visit the EXIN website and find in the FAQ I need to register my certification in the Successful Candidate Register.

To register, I need to be able to access the EXIN Candidate Portal. I have tried to login to the portal with the password I know is correct, the screen simply flashes and never gives an error. I have requested password resets, the screen simply flashes and I never receive a response ot an error. I have entered questions regarding this through the EXIN website contact page, and do not receive a response. I've tried this in IE, Chrome, and Firefox, all with the same (non) result. So I thought I'd ask, has anyone been able to access the EXIN Candidate Portal recently?


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    I was able to login.
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    Thank you for the response! I have now received an automated response and ticket number from EXIN, so I hope to have an answer in a couple of days.
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    FYI for anyone else that may ever have a problem with the EXIN Candidate Portal. I email EXIN separately at [URL="https://mce_host/[email protected]"][email protected] [/URL] and they responded this morning that they recreated my account, and submitted my ITIL Foundation certificate to the Successful Candidate Register for me. I can now login normally, problem resolved. A prompt and efficient response from EXIN.
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