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Hello I'm new here i just recently passed my MTA Security fundamentals 98-367, I'm mainly trying to see which certs that truly matter I have a jest of the Security roles and the network role i'm a rookie i'll admit it. I mainly wanna know should i go after the Security+ first than Net+ after cause i wanna get the ones that will help me start out at entry level even help desk i don't mind building my resume up i plan on getting more certs I'm only 22 just trying to purse my dreams and get my foot in the door of IT. I truly appreciate any help from experts,professionals,etc i enjoy learn more and more as i am at the right age to sink in all the information and knowledge from others.


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    Welcome to the forum!

    Congrats on passing your first cert.

    If you are aiming for an entry level help desk I highly suggest starting with the CompTIA A+ first and then Net+. The security+ does not really appeal to entry level help desk positions. Check out Professor Messer A+ videos and also his Windows 7 70-680 videos.

    His website

    Also, check out VMware Player/Workstation or Virtual PC to setup some virtual machines for labs that will help to make the concepts stick. Good Luck!
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    If you are after a Security role, you'll want to get the IT fundamentals. A+ or MCSA Windows 8 and Net+ or CCENT/CCNA. It's a good idea to have good networking basics before doing Security+, so Network+ before Security+ makes sense. The MTA courses are worthwhile, but will necessarily have a Windows focus. Network+ is general, but less hands on.

    The most common route into security is probably via networking, but almost any path is possible. IT Security is quite broad, and several specialisations have developed. So, you could start with HelpDesk, aim for a CCNA and a role in a NOC, and after some time transition into a SOC role.

    A certification path that follows this might be A+, Net+, Security+, CCENT, CCNA, CCNA Security. The CompTIA roadmaps are a good way to get a handle on the order to approach different certifications.

    If you want to go via a degree, then either an IT Security focussed degree or a Computer Science degree are good options. Computer Science is much more theory and abstract, but gives you the fundamentals to apply in all sorts of different areas. IT Security degrees tend to be more hands on and have more networking and infrastructure components.

    I'd encourage you to read broadly about Info Sec, and see what appeals to you. If you want an idea how broad it is, then the list of GIAC certifications gives an idea of how broad it is, and there is more besides that.
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    I'd go Net+ first, then Security+. I believe Net+ would help you for the Security+, but not so much the other way around. Just my opinion.
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    Thank you all i really appreciate all of your opinions i just wasn't sure which way i wanted too do it. OctalDump you are right the way you said it is how i wanna approach my next couple of certifications i really appreciate it sir thanks. Same thank you goes too the both of you guys always well Kore and Hannism.:)
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